All Ages at the Gino Marcus Community Center

I still haven’t done my post from SXSW. FUCK! There’s so much to tell but I keep putting it off because it’s a complicated story to explain. It’ll still be worth it when I post tonight after work.

I had Kristin scan all my old b&w negatives last week from 2002 – 2003. These are from fall 2002, at one of the many all ages hardcore shows at the Gino Marcus Community Center on Drouillard Road in Windsor. I’d just come back from spending the summer in Seattle doing an unpaid internship at the Compound Recording Studio, was halfway through cramming my 4 year degree into 5 semesters, running the photo darkroom at the University of Windsor and crossing the border to go to Detroit and Ann Arbor on a regular basis to check out art shows and concerts or the Magic Stick on Thursday nights to see what I could see. I’m not rehashing all this to brag or say “look how much I’ve done! look how awesome I am!”, but to humbly point out I’ve been pushing in the same direction a long time, and I’m still pushing. Then again, maybe everyone’s been pushing all the time and it’s no big deal, just life.

Erin Dunmore is in the first picture beside Brandon Springer. Josh Olsen is the guy playing bass. Brandon, Josh Olsen and his brothers Matt and Aaron are 4 of the 15 musician-soldiers who’ve played in Brayden and Dustins band at some point over the past 12 years I’ve known them.

Left: Windsor kids who liked to preach about straight edge until they turned 19. In the middle with the hat is Mike Balvert, another Brayden and Dustin recruit, beside Adam White from Sewing With Nancie / the Reason.

I forget who the mohawk kid is. Jesse Balkwell (sp?) is the guy wearing the Hatebreed sweater. He lived with Brayden and Dustin for a year or two and was always a real stand-up dude towards me. Some of his friends (not pictured) were uptight assholes over nothing, but he was never like that. Always cool and up for good times. Respect!

On the left is Tiff, Jaime and Brayden before he could grow a beard. On the right is Balvert unloading gear from the Jones van.

Tiff and Matt Beneteau. One of 10 pictures I have of him from the first 20 years of our friendship.

2 Responses to “All Ages at the Gino Marcus Community Center”

  1. bree marsh Says:

    Hi, this is so far fetched that im not sure where to start. I am searching for my brother, whose name is jesse balkwell. And i happened to stumble upon this page, i have used every thing in my power and will to find him with no luck. He would have been adopted at birth, and is probably over thirty now. I know this is slightly ridiculous. And im out on a limb, but no adoption registry can help me. The only thing i ever knew was he lived in canada. If there is any way you can help me at least eliminate this person from my search i would be forever grateful. There aren’t too many jesse balkwells that show up on google search and i have yet to find him on facebook. Thank you for anything you can help me with.

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