More B&W 2002

Nov 2002, Guelph ON – Ryan Burton shitting on the hood of Courtney’s car, and then throwing it into the shower with Jay Stanley afterwards. I think Burton had a poo-poo and pee-pee obsession at the time but he’s all better now.

Look at those 2! Sooo cute. When I was working the Vancouver to Alaska run on cruise ships in Spring 2004 we had an 11 day dry dock in Victoria BC and I ran into Jay Stanley on the street. It’s always nice to see a familiar face when you’re far from home.

Nov 2002, Simcoe ON – Songs From A Room at the Knights Of Columbus. I think this show was with the Reason and the Thugs. This was also the same night I started my 100 Kisses project. After spending the weekend around Burton, asking random girls to kiss me for an art project seemed tame.

My room in my parents basement, my personal little creative cave. I miss that house. I’m very happy to finally be playing music again with the Bang-Bangs.

BTW, I bought all the shit in my room myself with my life savings, money I’d earned and saved since I was a kid. My parents didn’t just buy it all for me if that’s what you’re thinking. That’s why I’ve been broke for the last 10 years, I spent it all on rock and roll!! (and I paid my own tuition too)

Makeout Triptych

Denny (far left) and Wei (middle), Indonesian University students boarding at my parents house. I knew all 60-odd Indonesian students at the University Of Windsor, and from what I remember they were all uncommonly nice, so it was always fun to hang out with them. I’d go to a lot of Indonesian parties and be the only white guy there. It felt kind of like being a celebrity. They all told me that I MUST visit Bali someday for vacation.

Apparently Windsor aggressively pursues international students. I was told part of the pitch is how close Windsor is to Detroit and that you could go to downtown Detroit for lunch. hahahahha. Nobody has been able to eat lunch in downtown Detroit since the riots in 1969!

The only phrase I can remember they taught me is “Wanita Tua Gila”, which means “crazy old lady”. It used to kill them when I’d call my my mom that. But maybe they were just humoring me?

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