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Baaabbyyy, Won’t you be my girl?

April 19, 2009

I was so excited on Friday since I picked up my bike from the shop, all fixed up for the summer! But just after I got home from work I got a call from my dad. He said my Grandma Armour had died that morning. She was 97, so she had a good long life. She’d had a heart attack the morning before, and my mom was able to go in and say goodbye while my grandma was still coherent that evening, and was there with her when she died. My mom said she went very peacefully.

My Grandpa Armour was a FOB immigrant from Glasgow, Scotland and died of lung cancer after being a lifelong smoker 6 months before I was born. I’d been conceived, but my parents hadn’t told anyone yet so he didn’t even know I was on the way. My Grandpa McCready died a little over 2 years ago so my Grandma McCready is the only grandparent I have left.

I had a full weekend scheduled though so I went ahead as planned, first heading to Show and Tell Gallery to take photos of Vlad Kato’s first exhibition for an upcoming feature in ION Magazine about the gallery. Check out the Show and Tell website for more of Vlad’s work, his work is very accessible. I like it.

Then I headed over to Ultra Supper Club for a short shift taking pictures of people partying and of the Geisha dancers and drummer performance they had.

When I was done I ran up to Rancho Relaxo to catch Mark Sultan’s last couple songs.

Then went over to Dennis Chows Bachelor party at Oddfellows for Black Flag sing alongs.

He doesn’t seem to be experiencing much anxiety about tying the knot.

I was supposed to deliver magazines the next morning but was really hungover and by the time I got to Discount they’d already rented my van out to someone else so I spent the day setting up for a house show at my place.

I’m too tired to keep updating this but long and short of it is Mark Sultan and Psychedelic Horseshit played in my living room last night and it was super fun, and then I got up this morning after 4 hours of sleep and delivered magazines all day today and I’m going to my grandmothers funeral tomorrow. THE END.