Macready as Macbeth

I bought this book today for 99 cents at the Salvation Army and found this picture inside of William Charles Macready. I wonder if I’m related to him? The guy with the big beard in my icon is my great-great-grandfather McCready. From what I understand he was an orphan, and came to Canada from Scotland. The McCready family has been in Canada for 5 generations, but the spelling of the name has changed a few times over the years. We also have a few ties to the family name Moorehead in the past 5 generations.

Inspired by Gavin McInnes writing about his recent trip to Scotland, I also got this book for $2 a few weeks ago. The closest name I could find to McCready was Macrae.

I was told a couple of times growing up that my mom’s side of the family is related somehow to the mistress of the famous Scottish poet Robert Burns, Jean Armour, but I looked up her Wikipedia entry for the first time today, and found out she was actually his wife, not his mistress and had 9 kids with him. He had 4 illegitimate children with other women. My Grandpa Armour was born around 1912 and died in 1978. There’s about 80 years between her death and my grandfather being born, but considering he had the family name Armour, we’re not in the Burns bloodline.

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