Castle Greyskull

The Magic Cheezies, DCT, Gardens and Some Band show was so much fun last night! I had planned to get super drunk and I did!

Some band played in Detroit last weekend with Gardens. They had a lot of fun and (insert name here) and (insert name here) told me that I’d get along really well with the bass player. When we met last night it turned out we’d met a few times in 2003 and he asked if I was the same Tim who did the 100 Kisses and Permanent Record projects. Woooooahhhhhhhh!!

I have ALL my digital photos I’ve ever taken archived and filed, so I came to work this morning and look: I’ve got a picture of bass-player Vince at the Loop in Windsor from 2004. Odd, because I only took 10 pictures that night. Here’s a few of the other ones.

Here’s a clip from Gardens set last night

Scott Cudmore and I don’t remember who else found this Ghostbusters Firehouse on the street last night and I took it home.

If I had no self control I’d start collecting toy compounds from the 80’s now! I wasn’t allowed to have He-Man stuff when I was a kid because he got his power from Greyskull instead of God, but now I can do whatever I want so maybe I’ll turn the exterior of 159 Manning into a Castle Greyskull replica! Best art project idea ever.

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