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10 Books <3

July 22, 2009

People always ask me, “How many of these books have you read?” when they see my house. I go through stages of doing nothing but reading, can go a year or so without reading, and a bit of in between, but I’m going to make a rough guess and say I’ve read half of the books I own. The good thing is that whenever I get an idea I can run and grab a book about the subject, because I collect books that I know I’d like to read at some point.

I started reading the Politics of Experience yesterday, and got 1/3 through. When 2 people meet, we bring our past experiences into the situation, but neither of us can be in that experience. At best we can relate through our own experiences, etc..

This is a quick little read. If I remember correctly, Webb’s main points are to delve into as many subjects and experiences and points of view as you can, and whatever you think, think the opposite. Those are 2 keys to being creative and finding new ideas.

Macluhan was born in Edmonton, taught in Windsor for a few years, and went on to be a major media guru of the 60’s. I bought this book when I was 19 and it’s had a big influence on me. I LOVE this book. I gave Adrienne a first edition copy of it when we first met.

I need to re-read this. Joe Carducci helped run SST Records in the 80’s and this is the kind of rock criticism I was obsessed with 10 years ago. The subtitle for the book is “A Testament for the New Electric Church” so I guess it’s no surprise why it speaks to me.

Edward Bernays is the father of Public Relations and the media stunt. This book was originally published in 1928, and the guy died in 1995. He was 103 years old!!

Alen Abel is the father of the media hoax from the 60’s. As opposed to Bernays who tried to create new realities in people’s minds as a means of advertising for corporations, Abel was just trying to fuck with people’s heads and make them question what they were seeing. His first major campaign was SINA a campaign against the indecency of animals being naked.

Desmond Morris was a zoo-ologist who got rich writing books about human behaviour and instincts.

I’ve only read 1/3 of the Warhol Diaries, but I’ve read the Philosophy of Andy Warhol and the Pop Sixties. Warhol worked in advertising until his early 30’s, then went into the art world. I used to get really pissed off in art school that my professors would say stuff about Warhol and didn’t know what the fuck they were talking about. “Have you read ANY of his books?” I thought Cronenberg’s commentary of his work at the AGO a couple of years ago was complete horseshit. (Which surprised me, I would’ve thought being such a media mind-fuck guy Cronenberg would have something better to say than talking about the color of Warhols paintings).

I’ve never read Naked Lunch, but the Dreamachzine, the cut-up method, and Burroughs writing about thought viruses and other ideas about creativity still excites me.

I love Jon Waters, and every movie he’s made.

Wedding Bells

July 21, 2009

Matt Benteau and Kristin got married in Windsor on the weekend. Nick, Brayden, Jaime, Dustin, Courtney and Adrienne and I all drove down Saturday morning. I took the photos and my dad did the ceremony. My friends said it blew their minds seeing Ray and Future-Ray up there together.

We all spent Sunday out on the Jones yacht. I want to buy a boat now!

I wrote 6 new reviews for Winnipeg’s G.Love Magazine on Thursday. I chose a selection of new and old 7″ records from my collection.

G.Love’s fall issue hits the street mid-August so if you live in Winnipeg keep your eyes open. If you live in Toronto and are interested in getting a copy hit me up.

I was going to review the new Metz 7’s too, but I got tired and couldn’t think anymore.

Fumblekin – Vic Tayback Payback (1988)

July 17, 2009

In honor of the Radio Silence Weekend and 500 days of Street Carnage, I’m posting a track from Toronto’s Fumblekin recorded back in 1988, featuring Derrick Beckles on vocals and Ted Robinson on drums.

Fumblekin – Vic Tayback Payback

E-mail me if you want the other tracks.

Teen Phoenix

July 17, 2009

I went to see some band open for Fucked Up last night at the Phoenix. I got pizza from Domino’s down the street before we went in and was impressed by their service screen that shows what was happening with my pizza and how long it would be before ready.

Some band slayed. They were stoked to have a sound guy on stage left just working the monitors. The show is part of Radio Silence Weekend, I wish I could be here for the Negative Approach reunion matinee on Saturday, but I’ll be down in Windsor at Beneteau’s wedding, which is obviously more important. At least I got to see John Brannon’s current band Easy Action last month during NXNE.

Damian climbed up the balcony near the end of Fucked Up’s set. Even the rest of the band looked surprised.

I liked the show so much I got ambitious and put my old Fucked Up Christmas 07 poster and the White Stripes poster (that came with the White Stripes lomo cameras I purchased a couple of years ago) in frames today.

Patio Days

July 15, 2009

Chris, Nick and I recorded a new Wonkavision song last night. It’s possibly the most annoying song I’ve ever produced.

Wonkavision – Microphone Check

The weather was great today, I got lunch with Curtis and Katherine on College Street. I can’t remember what the place is called.

Chris and I watched a Cradle of Filth video yesterday and we have a crush on their fans.

Glue Therapy – Where Are They Now?

July 13, 2009

I tried starting my first band when I was 8 years old with Matt Beneteau. We thought Punky Brewster (real name: Soleil Moon Frye) was a babe so we called our band The Suns And Moons That Fry and I wrote a little jingle on the piano (partly inspired by the Robocop cartoon theme song) , and lyrics to go along with it; “When I came back and I saw you weren’t there, I ran outside in my underwear, Ooooohhhh, baby I love youuuuuuu.”

Matt’s on the left drinking from the Kool-Aid cup, I’m on the right in front of the Bumblion (Wuzzles) birthday cake.

That’s as far as it went because we were 8 and the only instrument we had was my family’s upright piano. (I wasn’t allowed to have an electric guitar until I was 16, because of “what it symbolized in society”)

When I was in 8th grade, Matt bought a bass, and we started a band with my classmate Rayny Forester.

We used to have weekend sleepovers 2 or 3 times a month, and tried to figure out how to write songs and lyrics but mostly just talked about bands we had discovered and wanted to sound like. All we had was an electric guitar, a bass and a shitty tape recorder, but we recorded 2 songs over that year, one original, and a cover of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers – I Could’ve Lied.

Our other song “Can I Be Your Man?” was about some girl I had a crush on.

Here’s the lyrics to the first verse, and the chorus;

I can’t get you out of my mind,
So what else is new?
You’re on my mind, all the time
Do I dare to tell you, the way I feel about you?
I feel so confused, about what I’m to do,
I’d tell you if I could

Will I take I stand?
Can I be your man?
I’d love to be your man.

I didn’t see Rayny over the summer of 93, when we came back to school he had a mohawk, 21-hole Doc Martens, suspenders and didn’t want to hang out anymore. Matt had always hated playing music and finally said he didn’t want to participate anymore, so that’s when I started hanging out with Nick Bechard and started Wonkavision.

Matt Beneteau still lives in Windsor and is getting married this Saturday! My dad is officiating the wedding, and I’m the wedding photographer.

I haven’t talked to Rayny in years, but he lives in Montreal now and runs a crust-punk label called Moshpit Tragedy and puts out records by bands like Amebix, Extreme Noise Terror, and Total Fucking Destruction. Here’s a recent picture of him from his website with Amebix (he’s the second from left).

Me and (insert name here) have been talking about doing another Wonkavision recording with Nick Bechard in the next month or 2. First Wonkavision recording in 12 years! It should be fun. Details to come.