Rape of The Thanksgiving Turkey

I recorded this song on Sunday, I call it Rape of the Thanksgiving Turkey. I played all the bass and guitar parts, the audio is of (insert name here) stuffing a turkey at Cheryl’s house last Thanksgiving with background comments by Nick Bechard, Brayden, (insert name here) and Cheryl.

Adrienne and I went to see Valentino: The Last Emperor last night at the Isabel Bader theatre. It’s more about the relationship between Valentino and his collaborator/husband of 50 years, Giancarlo Giammetti, than his dresses. Definitely worth seeing.

Ted, the keyboard player and maestro in the Bang-Bangs moved last week and I helped him move a few boxes. He is a big-time archivist/collector like me, so he gave me some his stuff he had extras of that he couldn’t keep like these old Terminal Rage posters from 1986. Ted played bass in Terminal Rage, and Daniel from Eyesore Cinema (ex-Suspect Video) was the singer. I have a video of Daniel singing Ace of Spades with Stacey Case from the Trash Palace here.

Ted also gave me a bunch of issues of Interview Magazine from 1982 when Andy Warhol was still the publisher, and newsprint issues of VICE from 1995-97, back when everyone wore fat-pants and Snug was king!

I’m going to be helping Beckles do more TV Carnage stuff, this is my first demo I’m submitting for him to have me guest curate!

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