Wonkavision – Just Like Heaven (1995)

I was going through some old reels today of recordings I made in the summer of 1995, and I found this old cover of the Cure – Just Like Heaven. Nick Bechard played acoustic guitar, Ian Clary played bass, and I sang and played the lead guitar parts.

We recorded onto the 2-track reel to reel pictured above, through the Traynor head and Peavey cabinet I play bass through in the Bang Bangs.

The most significant thing about this track is the novelty of it being Nick and I playing together 14 years ago in June 1995, but hey, it’s free entertainment!

Here we are in Nick’s backyard. Ian’s friend Rachelle took the pictures. Check out the holes in the bottom of Nick’s shoes! Nick used to be famous for those holes in his shoes (and socks).

The fourth guy in the bottom picture is Randy Hillman, the first of 5 drummers we had play in Wonkavision over the following year and a half.

As an extra bonus, here’s Wonkavision’s hit song from our tape $3 Basement Party, Chicken Pop inspired by Loeb Cola.

2 Responses to “Wonkavision – Just Like Heaven (1995)”

  1. Ian Clary Says:

    I’d love hair that long again.

  2. Long Haired Punk « RearViewMirror Says:

    […] Harper and Transubstantiation Long Haired Punk 2009/07/10 My old friend Tim has some pics of our band Wonkavision. I had pretty long hair back then. He also has a recording of us doing a […]

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