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Back to School 2009

August 28, 2009

It’s a week before labour day and I’m on schedule to be back in front of my computer everyday on Sept 8th! I’ve been doing a lot of work rearranging and building furniture and gear for my studio.

I was going to wait until I was finished to post pictures of it, but I’m too excited.

I went to see Inglorious Basterds the other day and it’s very gory, sadistic and funny. “Sadist”, “sadistic”, and “sadism” are words I’ve been considering the past few months. Not in a leather and bondage “sado-masochistic” sense, but just the idea of people who enjoy putting other people through pain. It’s pretty common, but I don’t think those words get used often enough when describing people. It doesn’t make someone bad to be a sadist if they tend to deal with people who have a masochistic outlook on life. I think I’m both.

Adrienne and I went to see Blue Rodeo at Molson Ampitheatre last night. She got teary eyed near the end when they played Diamond Mine because she said it transported her back to being a teenager. Tender moments.

I love the comments people posted for Diamond Mine on youtube, like “I love the bass”, and “I love greg keelor’s voice. so gruff and emotional.” hahaha. My dream is that someday people will call my voice gruff and emotional.

Youtube took down my Jay Reatard Punch video last week because they said youtube doesn’t promote violence or some bullshit like that. It was up to 170,000 views and I was still getting comments and ratings on a regular basis! I think I’m going to appeal their decision.

The Bang Bangs are playing at the Silver Dollar tonight with the Smith Westerns, the Superstitions and I don’t know who else. I think it’s been over a month since we played a show. We’re planning to post some songs on our myspace in 2012, and release a 4 song 7″ in 2013.

What’s Upppppp????!!!!

August 6, 2009

Heyyyyyy!!! I’m still alive, and very busy. I’ve been doing lots of set-up on my studio here at home, and will be an insane blogging machine again soon. I’m aiming for “back-to-school” as my return to being in my studio 5 days a week. If you think I ran out of ideas or something, that goes to show that you don’t know SHIT about me!

I did feel a push from the new issue of Broken Pencil arriving yesterday. My ad in the back reads “Updated Daily” not “Updated twice a month”. HONK.

I went to see Dead Weather and the Screaming Females a couple of weeks ago. One of my pics got featured on the Warner Music Canada blog!! I’m famous on the internet!

The purpose of me going to the show was to interview the Screaming Females, and I DID, but I have been too swamped to finish editing the story, so here’s a clip of singer/guitarist Marissa Paternoster shredding, to get you excited for the interview! Everyone in the band seemed down to earth, I would totally watch tv with them.

Did you know Toronto has a street named after Yo-Yo Ma? I didn’t until the other day. Street is an overstatement. It’s only about 30 feet long. I guess anyone is happy to have anything named after them. If all the recordings of him playing music are ever miraculously destroyed, Yo-Yo Ma’s name will live forever in this dead end alley in Toronto.

I did a surprise clean-up/reno/redecorating job on Nick Bechard’s room last weekend when he was at his uncles cottage. I couldn’t stand seeing him live in squalor anymore so somebody had to do it! That makes me sound compulsive doesn’t it? OLD NEWS! It looks like every other room in the house now, but I think he likes it anyways.

I found this old cd from 1999 when Brayden and Dustin called their band DBG’s under Nick’s beer fridge. Here’s a track from it called Off The Floor. (They really liked Lagwagon, NoFX, Strung Out and they’d just gotten into Minor Threat.)

I did a photo shoot with Songs From A Room on Tuesday. The concept, set design and roosters were by Eoin Murphy and his lady Robin (nobody’s told me her last name. shhh). Courtney MacLaren and Robin did wardrobe and make-up.

Here’s a picture of me and Adrienne and Matt and Kristen Beneteau’s wedding!

Here’s a picture of me and Alex at Oddfellows! Adrienne and Alex both like to wear yellow dresses.

James Mejia likes to touch the tip of his nose. BOOOP!

Beat the Rusties!