In the Honey Brothers’ Entourage

Chris Cheeseman got me a gig on Thursday night as part of the crew taking down the lights from the U2 show on Thursday night at Rogers Center. We got to see the last 5 songs of the encore up close and as corny as I think U2 have become for the past 10 years, it’s a crazy lighting and video setup and the sound is perfect. Worth seeing if you have the opportunity (I think the tour is only 1 or 2 dates from finished though).

I was glad I got put on lighting since most of the other people on my crew seemed like they had past theatre production experience, and it’s an interesting part of the show to disassemble, as opposed to just taking down barriers or pushing crates into the trucks.

My friend Tara Hendela from INK Entertainment called me yesterday to see if I was available to interview the Honey Brothers later that afternoon, who are in town for a show at This Is London tonight. Adrian Grenier from Entourage is their drummer, and their guitar player Ari Gold comes from a pretty interesting family. His mom died in a helicopter crash in 1991 with her boyfriend Bill Graham, and his dad is novelist Herbert Gold! He has a film coming out next month called The Adventures Of Power starring he and Adrian.

I recruited Nick Bechard to do the interview, since I was behind the camera. We were telling them about the practice space in our basement and they asked if they could come over and jam after the last interview so we waited for them, and gave their limo driver directions to 159 Manning.

We jammed and drank beers for a few hours before heading over to 107 Shaw for their Cronenberg Tribute art show, where Adrian bought a couple of Jeremy Jansens photos. We ran around to a few other places before calling it a night and fun was had by all.

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