Something To Believe In

I received a McDonalds belt buckle from 1975 in the mail today! Only $2.99 from ebay. I am pretty excited.

I didn’t make it out to Canzine 2009 at the Gladstone Hotel yesterday, BUT I did finish reading We Want Some Too (published by Penguin Canada in 2000), by Broken Pencil founder/editor Hal Niedzviecki this afternoon. I read it from cover to cover in less than a week and I give Hal a 10/10 on capturing the intent and spirit of how I think, and what’s influenced and motivated me in pursuit of the life I’ve chosen, and the art and content I’ve created over the years. Well done!

The Bang Bangs played on Friday. I think we’re getting tighter and breathing more life into the songs every time we play them.

The next night Youth Youth Youth played their first show since 1983! Maybe it’s lame, but I’m excited that we shared the stage with them as part of the same event (Fucked Up Weekend) even if it was a night apart from each other, AND the fact that even though Ted and I drive each other crazy almost every time we talk lately, that I was playing with someone else who appreciates how fucking amazing Youth Youth Youth were and are. I was on the verge of tears the whole time YYY were playing.

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