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November Rain 2009

November 26, 2009

I dug out some of my old drawings from jr high and highschool.

Schwarzenegger in Us Magazine from 1990. The drawing is from 91.

Robo Cop

Kevin Costner in front of his fridge in Us Magazine 1990. The drawing is from 92.

I think this was inspired from a drawing in an early 90’s issue of Warp Magazine.

Detroit Skyline, 1994.

I just won this guy on ebay! I’m starting a ventriloquism act. I don’t know anyone else in Toronto doing one. Called it!

The Man Who Was Thursday February 1998 Demo cover. Stay tuned for the February 2010, Tim McCready solo album.

I wasn’t allowed to go out much in highschool, so I used to work out a lot. Kind of like they do in prison!