Use Your Illusion

There are 4 copies of the Dreamachzine at This Ain’t The Rosedale Library at 86 Nassau in Kensington Market. Go buy them!

I’ve started buying old magazine titles that I haven’t read in the past like Fangoria and Crawdaddy. Even when magazines publish books of their old material it doesn’t have the ads, the layout is different, it’s printed on different paper, and sometimes the most interesting material doesn’t make it to the anthologies. It’s completely different and doesn’t transport you back to that era or deliver as much of the original spirit as an original copy of the magazine will. The medium is the message!

My Lacie 1TB Big Disk Extreme with all my photo and video archives on it stopped working last Thursday. I have no backup, and from the sounds of it, it’ll cost me around $1500 to get the data retrieved. It’s time to get a job again! Preferably contract. I’d like another year of experience in a new fast-paced, high-pressure environment to successfully make the transition to full time freelancer.

Fingers crossed on that MuchMusic job, it sounds like they’re looking for someone to do exactly what I know how to do and want to KEEP doing, but if I don’t get it, I’m sure there’s other companies looking for someone who has as much production experience in different mediums and media as I have.

Roozbeh came over on Monday and we laid down some demo tracks for some songs he’s been writing. I like that we’re both multi-instrumentalists.

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