2009 – Year In Review

Wow, this is long. Here’s my personal accomplishments 2009 year-in-review. You can see my 2008 review here.

I started off throwing a NYE party here at 159 Manning with Songs From A Room, Teen Anger, and the Bang Bangs.

I started designing show posters again for the first time since the late 90’s.

I threw a Satanic Panic movie night at the Drake Hotel in early February featuring a live performance by Abyssal Throne. It got some pre-hype on both viceland.com and streetcarnage.com .

In February I began a 3-year lease-to-own my dream camera, a Canon 5-D Mark II so I can take pictures in the dark and started getting paid photo gigs. Special thanks to Tara Hendela for a lot of those gigs.

I threw a movie night in late February at Trash Palace for the Toronto Premier of Christian Aldo’s movie Xeno’s Inferno.

Mark Sultan and Psychedelic Horseshit played a free show in my dining room in April and it was amazing and fun. Special thanks to Mark Pesci for getting the bands to agree to play.

I was a featured contributor in print in ION Magazine, VICE, G.Love, and the WA, and featured online on the Myspace Canada homepage, Aux.tv, and SPINearth.tv.

I briefly became a professional hair-dresser.

After a year of working on it I put the Dreamachzine to press and threw a giant launch party during NXNE. Unfortunately I still have 150 copies left to bind, but the zine got universally positive response from people who have seen it and the party went OFF!

I shot a pilot episode of Scotch Talk with Adrienne and Alex, and had Kathryn Borel and Nick Flanagan as the guests on the first episode (which is yet to be released!).

I did a photoshoot for a Fashion Television Segment.

This photoshoot with Songs From A Room turned out pretty well too.

I had some brushes with celebrity including Michael Cera coming to Adrienne’s apartment to meet Derrick Beckles (Cera is a big TV Carnage fan), and bringing Nick Bechard to interview the Honey Brothers featuring Adrian Grenier from Entourage, and having them come over to the house later to jam in our living room. Celebrities are just like real people!

I threw a movie night during TIFF in the backyard of 159 Manning, featuring TV Carnage and Ten Dollar Tales. I plan to do more movie nights in spring/summer 2010.

I spent a fair amount of money and time since June doing a major repair, update and redesign of my studio and the rest of 159 Manning.

I brought out my records to dj for the first-time-in-my-life twice this year, once at 107 Shaw and a few weeks later at Sweaty Betty’s. I’d like to do that more in 2010. I have a large record collection.

I got a 5 year old cat free from Craigslist in October. His name is Maako, and he loves to cuddle. Getting him is one of the best choices I made in 2009.

Michelle Williams and I became work buddies after Myspace shut down their Toronto office and I was laid off from VICE, meaning she comes over to 159 Manning once or twice a week during the day and we email people and stay on top of our shit.

I designed myself this swanky new business card.

Jeremy Jansen and I released the premier issue of our photo-zine Just The Tip in late September, just in time for Nuit Blanche.

The Bang Bangs played 13 shows in 2009 including the Fucked Up Weekend which was a real hi-light for me since there were so many great bands playing, including a Youth Youth Youth reunion. It’s a toss-up between Easy Action at the Bovine during NXNE and Youth Youth Youth for my favorite live performance of 2009.

I debuted my ventriloquism act in December. I named my dummy Barry Pickles in homage to Derrick Beckles, who wasn’t sure if he should hate me or take it as a compliment. When I tried to introduce them to each other Beckles punched Pickles in the head and I had to run out of the room to break it up!

And of course I joined the Job and we played our first show together at my NYE party.

2009 was a great year for me. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to experience life in-person with so many interesting and gifted people. Thankyou to my family and to my friends for being a part of my life and making it what it is. My best work is yet to be made, and some of it is going to come out in 2010.

3 Responses to “2009 – Year In Review”

  1. alex Says:

    I can’t wait to see what 2010 has in store for you! Shit’s gonna ruuuuuule.

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