Islands – No You Don’t

Derrick Beckles directed this video for Islands that made it’s premier on Pitchfork on Tuesday, starring celebrity movie-star Michael Cera.

Back in July Beckles was in town for a couple of weeks getting US work visa shit taken care of and Michael Cera was in Toronto shooting a movie and got in touch with Beckles because he’s a big TV Carnage fan and wanted to meet him.

Cera came over to Adrienne’s place and Beckles showed us some of the new treasures in his terrible movie collection along with his live spontaneous running commentary. (When you get a TV Carnage dvd, watch it a few times with no commentary, and THEN watch it with commentary and it’s like you’ve got a whole new dvd so you can have your mind blown twice!)

The Islands video is the first collaborative project to come out of that meeting. I’m sure there will be more to come.

Beckles gave Alex Hughes and I each a copy of this Playgirl workout video for Christmas. Playgirl is for women. Those guys are straight!

This is the pre-hype Beckles wrote for my Satanic Panic movie night last year. He called me a “long time bud of the TV Carnage monstrosity”. Gavin McInnes took the post down the next day so it’s a good thing I got a screen-shot of it. 😦

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