Still Gold

I went to Brayden, Jaime and Jodi’s place for dinner last night. Brayden made pulled pork. Who has money to eat out anymore, and with home chefs like Brayden why would you want to?

After dinner we watched the first half of a documentary about the band Zao. I was a huge Zao fan 10 years ago, and they were one of the reasons I interned (full time, unpaid) at Tooth and Nail Records in Seattle for July and August in 2000, and T&N’s recording studio in May and June of 2002. I’m not a fan of Zao or Tooth and Nail anymore, but I still remember what it was like at the time and why the music spoke to me.

Plus, it was cool seeing my friend and former mentor Roy Culver in a movie!

I’m thinking of doing my own cut of the movie to post on youtube. There’s many great moments, but it’d make a better 10 minute segment than 2 hour movie.

I got the Autumn 2009 issue of Color Magazine in the mail today. It contains a double gatefold photoshoot featuring Awesome Toronto People (that I’m in) shot June 25th, the morning of my Dreamachzine BBQ. The photographer was Francisco Garcia.

The Job are practicing twice a week. They’re teaching me the songs and we’re getting our shit together. I need an external mic for my camera, the video below sounds pretty blown out.

If you’ve got a good show or gig of whatever sort to offer us that we’ll find novel, enjoyable or profitable please call me with details. Otherwise, we’ll be practicing and don’t need the distraction.

One Response to “Still Gold”

  1. thekarin Says:

    great spread, you awesome people!

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