Kids In the Hall – Death Comes To Town

The new Kids In The Hall series Death Comes to Town premiers tonight at 9pm on the CBC. I went to a sneak preview last night at the Rivoli with all 5 of the Kids in attendance.

In highschool during the early 90’s, I loved the tv series and the Rivoli was the home of the Kids In the Hall live improv performances in the late 80’s so I was excited to be at the launch party for the NEW TV series featuring the entire original cast last night!

I got to see the Youth Youth Youth reunion in October and now this! I don’t think I have any Toronto fantasies from highschool left to live out. I need to make a list of new ones.

There were lots of Canadian celebrities there like Ron Sexsmith.

I have no idea who these guys are but I think they’re celebrities because they were hanging out in front of the screen for a long time, and people with big cameras were taking pictures of them, so I thought I should too.

Toronto Mayor David Miller was there! He’s the guy on the right with white hair.

Watch this video. I was hanging out next to the bar and next thing I knew the Mayor of Toronto was standing next to me with the General Manager of CBC Television talking to Bruce McCulloch! I’m stoked about the footage I shot. WATCH THE VIDEO!!

I heard the Globe and Mail gave the series a scathing review but we watched the first episode last night and it was amazing! Of course, I love their movie Brain Candy and a lot of boring people hated it. I’ll make an effort to watch the series as it airs. I haven’t had a show that I watch on a regular basis for several years now. I rarely sit in front of the television, but if I do it’s watching a movie or a dvd set of a series.

I like food! Food tastes good!

I grabbed two buttons on the way out, but they’re doubles so if anybody wants one of them, it’s yours!

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    […] resonates with me. I suppose I came very close to meeting him when I went to the Kids In The Hall Death Comes To Town launch party at the Rivoli on January 11th 2010. I was RIGHT THERE when they did their intro. I am […]

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