Jay Reatard R.I.P. May 1,1980 – Jan 13, 2010

My phone is blowing up from texts saying Jay Reatard died. What a huge bummer.

I caught this video footage of him punching a kid at the Silver Dollar here in Toronto almost 2 years ago. The footage went viral, and it turned into a media event. My video was posted on Pitchfork, viceland, exclaim, spike among other websites and broadcast on MTV news! It had over 180,000 views when youtube decided to take the footage down 6 months ago.

I reposted the punch video to vimeo in October. 100 views so far!

I even posted footage of promoter Dan Burke inciting the crowd after Jay left the stage that night…

…and ATG’s Craig Lasky trying to calm down the crowd.

A few months later Jay played a private guestlist-only Fred Perry party at Wrongbar here in Toronto. He played 11 songs, which in all honesty I consider to be a fair length for a set, but there was a problem with the equipment, and he stormed off stage. The next day I posted this footage of him leaving the stage and the crowd booing. I couldn’t resist!

Jay was scheduled to play another show at Sneaky Dees a week later, and he had his manager (former VICE Records head-guy) Adam Shore email me to request I not attend because Jay thought I was “out to get him”. I told Adam that I wasn’t planning on going, but made a point of saying that I was a fan and was just fucking around. I offered to take down the Fred Perry party video I’d just posted but never heard back.

I saw Jay perform for the last time in June 2009 at the Magic Stick in Detroit following the Gories and Oblivians reunion show at the Majestic Theatre, and took these pictures.

I never tried to talk to Jay in person. We had a number of mutual friends and acquaintances but I didn’t have anything to say to him. I just liked his songs and considered myself a fan. I even bought his newest record on vinyl, and I only buy new full priced vinyl a few times a year! I liked to imagine my videos as being a positive contribution towards Jay’s media image and career even though they were negative portrayals.

R.I.P. Jay, you died to way too young. You will be missed.

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2 Responses to “Jay Reatard R.I.P. May 1,1980 – Jan 13, 2010”

  1.   Jay Reatard. by Linking Life Says:

    […] Tim McCready has posted up a bunch of original video clips which chronicle the ongoing difficult relationship Jay Reatard had with playing his songs in Toronto. […]

  2. Andrea W Says:

    Here here. Rest In Peace, Jay. You will be missed.

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