Dinner Party Fridays – Part Deux

Happy Birthday Danny Miles! Danny is the drummer in the Job and turns 28 years old today. A few weeks ago I was going through old blog entries and realized the guy in this picture I took at a Bang Bangs showlast February is Danny! I had no idea.

Seems like only yesterday I was taking pictures of a guy getting bottled at a show, and now we make sweet sweet music together.

I received these Gremlins 7″‘s in the mail from ebay this week! I re-watched Gremlins a couple of months ago, then spent the next 3 weeks watching every movie I could find by Gremlins director Joe Dante. Dante is my current favorite film director!

This Green Giant “Sprout” flashlight came in the mail a few weeks ago.

Gabe Knox introduced me to this Alan Braxe album in the summer and I’ve started listening to it again lately. I love it. I’m listening to it right NOW!

Last night was round 2 of Dinner Party Fridays at 159 Manning.

This time Darryl and Nick made the creamiest mac and cheese recipe Darryl could find on the internet. Adrienne made the salad.

I thought it was great but 3 hours later Darryl projectile vomited his dinner all over the back yard, then Jon puked from the smell.

One Response to “Dinner Party Fridays – Part Deux”

  1. michelle Says:

    not so sad that i missed dinner friday anymore.

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