Blue Monday 2010

I hear today is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. I guess I’m looking good for 2010, because I spent the day building a spaceship in my backyard with Christian Aldo!

When we finished we decided to record 2 of his songs in my studio. These are songs he’s been kicking around for awhile, but keep in mind we weren’t planning on recording today, and we spent less than an hour on each song. I really like them though, very catchy.

Christian Aldo – Motherfucker Like Me (pre-demo version)

Christian Aldo – Barbie Don’t Cry (pre-demo version)

On Saturday night a group of us went ice skating at Harbourfront Center.

I found my dad’s old Black Panther skates in the basement. They still work!

I was really afraid Nick was going to get checked by a passing skater when he took this picture of Craig, me and Terra with my camera.

After ice skating I went to Danny Miles place to celebrate his birthday, then over to a party in some giant loft/warehouse space at Sterling and Bloor.

The singer of Gnosis kept coming over to Nyles and talking his ear off then running back to play with the band again.

Nyles felt enlightened, was convinced he had acquired superpowers and ran off into the night. Nobody has heard from him in the past 2 days…

This cat was sleeping in the bathroom above the toilet.

2 Responses to “Blue Monday 2010”

  1. thekarin Says:

    I tried videotaping Christian and Colin playing the piano and howling about, but Christian got self-conscious about his outfit 😉

    Loving the spaceship. Things are coming together!

  2. Love Song Of The Dead « Says:

    […] posted the other songs here. Here’s a picture of Christian Aldo and I at the opening for Happy Accidents at the Red Bull […]

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