Feast of Shame

I went with Nick Bechard, Matt Bourassa, Nyles and Jay Holinaty to see Dinosaur Jr last Thursday at Sonic Boom! I was right in front of J. Mascis and got some amazing footage of him playing. Graeme Phillips is currently editing my footage in with other footage taken from around the store that day. Can’t wait to see it.

I played my 2nd show with the Job at Graffitis on Friday night. The place was packed and people were really into it! Benjamin Oakley, the artist who painted the backdrop for the Dinosaur Jr in-store at Sonic Boom told me we were his new favorite Toronto band! I asked him if he’d paint a back-drop for us.

I’ve posted the entire show in 2 parts on youtube. You can view part 2 by clicking here.

We had a little afterparty at 159 later. There had been a Red Mass show at the Silver Dollar so there was a small crowd from there hanging out too.

I think this picture is where Roy was casting a spell on me. Because LOOK:

This is the picture Jay drew and was saying he wanted to use as a tape cover or something, and it’s the exact same pose that Roy was making in the picture.

About 5 minutes after the picture was drawn I started texting Danny…

Jay and I talked on Sunday and we still love each other but I think there’s some strange synchronicity happening. Roy! Enough fights, next time throw some happiness, money and power spells my way!

Let it be known that 159 Manning is a house of peace, love, harmony, and success towards all who enter our doors.

Saturday I got up late and went up to the Timothy Eaton Memorial Church on St Claire Ave for the 4th Annual Budd Cup Charity Dodgeball Tournament. This was our team, the Lil’ Dodgers.

That night I went to Jon Schouten’s dinner party where we created the “Paint the Ceiling…Life Preserver” dance.

Sunday I gave Adrienne this Lady Gaga t-shirt. Sha-BOING!! AAA-ooooooooGAH! Humina-humina-humina!!!

In case you’d forgotten or didn’t know, Adrienne has a great blog called Vanity Farm.

We went to see Nick Flanagan record his comedy album at the Rivoli. The place was packed!! Actually everyone that night was funny. I highly recommend checking out Laugh Sabbath, every Sunday evening at the Rivoli for the best stand up comedy in Toronto!!

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