Remember – BE HERE NOW

I got this book Be Here Now in the mail yesterday. I first read it in 1997 when I was 19 years old, but Get In the Van, Rollins’ tour diaries of his 6 years on the road with Black Flag was more relevant instruction for me at that point in time. The message I read in Get In the Van was; Do it today, NOW, the best you can, and then do it again tomorrow, but better. Repeat.

About mid-April 1997, 2 months before graduating from highschool, I had a frightening vision of where my life was at, and where I was heading into the future. I saw limited meaningful interaction with other people, few choices, few varied experiences, and menial jobs instead of a career. Not to mention the anger, depression, frustration and emptiness I felt for having no control over my own life and circumstances. I needed radical change, not inner acceptance.

I’m not about to transition into the yogic lifestyle (which is what the book BE HERE NOW is about), but at 31 I like a lot of what I’ve got in my life, and I’m proud of what I’ve put myself through to get here. I’m ready to BE HERE NOW and live in the moment as opposed to re-examining the past or stressing about the future.

I chose to scan these pages from the book because considering Saul of Tarsus, who later became Paul the Apostle and wrote half the New Testament of the Bible was a big thing for me. It was the beginning of me rejecting my identity as a Born Again Christian in my early 20’s. I realized Paul was an asshole, and had no authority to say anything about anything. Why would I take the shit he said as the Word of God? Pfft!

The Job are playing at Call The Office in London ON with My Shaky Jane next Friday! If you live in London you should come see us. We are super good.

Even City TV said so. Click here to read the article from June 4th, 2009.

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