Love Song Of The Dead

Tuesday night I went to a free panel discussion about Audio Mastering at Ryerson presented by the Toronto Section of the Audio Engineering Society.

Noah Mintz was the moderator, and the panelists were Nick Blagona (Metalworks), Joao Carvalho (Joao Carvalho Mastering), Peter Cook (CBC), Phil Demitro (Lacquer Channel), Andy Krehm (Silverbirch Productions), and Peter J. Moore (E Room Mastering).

All of them have years of experience, and have headed up many major projects, so it was great food for thought.

I recorded another demo song for Christian Aldo yesterday here in my studio. I’m continually impressed by the quality of Christian’s song-writing. I also love that he has the balls to just blow through the demos, playing through mistakes, focusing on the energy that’s being captured. It’s a positive and productive way to work. I think this song from yesterday might be my favorite we’ve done so far.

Christian Aldo – Love Song Of The Dead

Really, tell me you don’t end up humming the melody in your head again sometime in the next 24 hours?

I posted the songs we recorded 2 weeks ago here.

Here’s a picture of Christian Aldo and I at the opening for Happy Accidents at the Red Bull 318 Projects gallery last Wednesday evening. (photo by Jeremy Jansen)

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