Christian Aldo’s Parties

Christian Aldo and Colin Edgley threw a party at their new apartment on Saturday night. It was a rager!

ArtStars TV and the National Film Board of Canada were there to interview Christian! I shot some stuff too.

Christian and Colin’s new piano rock duo, the Roncey Boys, will be making their live debut on Sunday February 21st @ Cloak and Dagger, opening for Sunbear and the Job. I’m excited!

4 Responses to “Christian Aldo’s Parties”

  1. That ChiCk ova there Says:

    Christian Aldo did some really important things in Windsor as far as I’m concerned. This guy is an honest to goodness, no faking the funk, keeping it real, intelligent historian, renaissance man and brilliant artist with a vast abundance of idea’s. Toronto has gained greatly, amazing things will realize! Watch! You will see, this guy is magical. That’s for sure!

  2. K8 Says:

    Ronces Boys as in Roncesvalles Village?

  3. Synchronicity Will Bring Us Together « Timothy Alexander McCready Says:

    […] these giant flame throwing trees outside the Latvian House. The trees looked to me like something Christian Aldo would’ve created with the help of Survival Research Laboratories. It scared the shit out of […]

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