Wilderness Kids

I got an old TM Juke 12″ ep in the mail from ebay yesterday, featuring Nyles Miszczyk’s old rap duo with Shad, called Bread & Water. Nyles does his best James Brown impression on the chorus.

Nyles came over in the afternoon to record some vocals for the new 10″ record The Job are releasing.

I traded him an old Mac G5 tower I had but wasn’t using for this pair of Fostex reference monitors. They sound much better than my old computer speakers.

While we were packing up, Kate Boothman called me with a last minute invite to be her guest at the Blue Rodeo show at Massey Hall that evening, which was the last of 3 sold out nights in a row for them. Cuff the Duke opened.

Greg Keelor was strolling around the dressing rooms for a half hour before Blue Rodeo went on, warming up singing and playing guitar. I was one of the only people backstage who’s not “officially” associated with either Blue Rodeo or Cuff the Duke, so even though everyone was very gracious and friendly (as always), I felt like a bit like a voyeur walking around snapping pictures. Kate and I demolished one of the vegetable trays.

Don’t forget, the Job are playing with Kate’s band Sunbear and Christian Aldo’s ragtime-dandy-piano-rock act, the Roncey Boys, on Sunday February 21st at Cloak and Dagger.

Julie Fader gets nervous in front of the camera. She and I are going to make a music video for one of her songs next month.

Julie’s been the featured single of the week on iTunes Canada this week! She’s one of the hardest working musicians in showbiz today.

Great times, great music, fun night, but I regret not bringing my 70-200mm telephoto lens. It cost me an arm and leg and I never use it. Last night would’ve been the perfect setting. I could have had beautiful crisp close-up shots of each member of Blue Rodeo even from the distance I was at in the picture below. Oh, lost opportunities…

I had to leave just before Blue Rodeo finished so I could go to band practice with The Job. It’s just like a real job, you can’t skip work just because you’re at a good party. We are playing at Call the Office in London ON tonight. Hooray!!

One Response to “Wilderness Kids”

  1. Nicole Says:

    I get that same feeling around the BR crew, but they’re all so kind you just have to roll with it.

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