To the Capital!

I’m about to head to Ottawa with Adrienne for the weekend, I’ll be back on Sunday afternoon just in time for the show at Cloak and Dagger. Here’s another song I recorded with Colin and Christian.

the Roncey Boys – Free Man

I went to a Hand Drawn Dracula showcase over the Christmas Holidays. I was supposed to get pictures of all 4 bands, but I forgot to charge my batteries and my camera died after the Holy Cobras.

I went to the Dakota to see Brian and Anna’s new band Fields Of Fur opening for Huron and Ian Blurton on Wednesday night so now I just need to catch another Bishop Morocco and By Divine Right show and I’ll be all caught up!

I picked up these vintage bass strings at the Public Butter yesterday for only $10 a set! Bass strings are usually +$30.

I finally finished binding the Dreamachzines today. All 250 copies are done, only 7 months after the release party! They look great, but what a fucking nightmare. I am never taking on a project like that “for fun” ever again. I can finally sell them to get my money back, get the rest of the contributors their copies who haven’t received one yet and be done with it FOREVER!!!

3 Responses to “To the Capital!”

  1. adrienne Says:

    The dream turned into a nightmare.

  2. kathryn Says:

    ohhh dad sex story. why did i write you?

  3. Do You Remember? « Timothy Alexander McCready Says:

    […] of remembering, a couple years ago James Mejia asked me to take photos at a Hand Drawn Dracula showcase, and I didn’t get any pictures of By Divine Right that night, and on Sunday night I […]

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