party party party

2 Responses to “party party party”

  1. Andre Milne Says:

    Sorry to hear you find the G2 Net mobile concert stage an eye sore.

    Of note, the rig is named “Maxine” and although she occassionally is used in the creation of art, she is primarily used to put on musical concerts that the general public and community has celebrated over the years in events from Nuit Blanche, Gay Pride, Caribana and in land mark places from High Park, Distillery District, Sunnyside Pavillion, Yorkville and in countless Cities ranging from Ottawa to Hamilton.

    Unfortunately, her life span may soon be coming to an end.

    • timmccready Says:

      Please don’t be sorry, or offended. I love eyesores! That’s was my true motivation for posting the picture. When I was a kid I had a 2 level treehouse, and I used to build giant elaborate forts in the forest at the cottage my family rented every summer. Maxine looks like a giant fort to me.

      If there are any opportunities for the Job to play on her before she dies we’d be honored. Why is she being retired?

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