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Gotta Strike While The Iron Is Hot

March 15, 2010

The Job played the Hi-Hat Recordings Canadian Music Week showcase with Corpusse and Spookey Ruben on Saturday night. Corpusse is like a black metal Divine crossed with Suicide. I think his act is amazing and he should star in an episode of Ten Dollar Tales.

I wore a skull mask for our set in honor of Corpusse, so I asked him to anoint me with fake blood just before we went on. It was my 7th show playing in the Job and I think it might’ve been our best live set so far!

The GLOP! spaceship in my backyard was destroyed by the rain on Thursday. Come see it in-tact on the big screen this Saturday at the Revue Cinema for the Ten Dollar Tales Trilogy Premier.

I got all 12 issues of SPIN Magazine from 1986 in the mail last week. Vol 1 Number 9 – Vol 2 Number 8. So far they’re even better than I’d expected them to be, I’m excited to read them all.