Ten Dollar Tales Premier – this Saturday!

The Ten Dollar Tales *Revue
2010 (C. Aldo, M. Sfalcin, J. Doherty, N. Ramaswaran) PG, 75 min

TEN DOLLAR TALES, the critically acclaimed, low budget, cult TV series from Windsor Ontario, has now come to town to contaminate the minds of Toronto film goers. Still cranking out their usual brand of zany, offbeat science fiction and horror, The Revue CINEMA is proud to unveil three, never before seen episodes, guaranteed to dazzle and delight. Who, is crazy enough to create a ten million dollar science fiction trilogy with a mere budget of $10 dollars? The TEN DOLLAR TALES movie group, that’s who! Featuring the usual cast of hacks and slackers, catch all the action – Saturday March 20th, Doors at 9:30pm, Feature begins at 10:00pm! Admission $10

I recorded the soundtrack with Christian Aldo on Sunday evening, which was created entirely with his voice. Here’s a sample:

Christian Aldo – Apocalyptic Vision
from the Ten Dollar Tales: GLOP! Soundtrack

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