Songs From 159 Manning

This past Tuesday I put together a solo record of 12 recordings I did last year on my iphone 4track and Fostex 8-Track. The 12 songs are a collective length of just over 17 minutes.

It’s a limited edition release of 12 physical copies, but you can download an mp3 version of the album here.

4 Responses to “Songs From 159 Manning”

  1. Silvester Says:

    Christ is God. All other “gods” are false. Modern values and society are a load of bullshit and nothing more than pure satanism/luciferianism. Do you ever ask yourself who controls your mind? Who were your professors? Who controls the mainstream media? Who are your colleagues? No, the answer is not Jews, the answer is: SATANISTS. The people running the world are openly satanists, and are preparing to enthrone satan in the flesh.

    PS. If you don’t believe in Christ, then why mock Him???
    Go about your business and be respectful of people that haven’t discovered the joys of being free from God’s laws.

    • timmccready Says:

      “Believe” in Christ? Your idea of Christ offends and angers me. Why should I be respectful of something so damaging, backwards and evil?

      Silvester, if you were here in front of me I’d spit in your face and throw you down a flight of stairs.

      Do the world, and everyone who knows you a favor and kill yourself. Today. Nobody will miss you.

      PS. Are you joking, just to piss me off? If so, good one! haha you got me!

  2. Silvester Says:

    Dude, go about your own business and do as you wish. Nobody cares about you or what you do, I was just commenting on the satanic symbols that you use in your artwork (visual, literary and musical) and with which you express your persona and rage towards God.

    I can understand you to a certain extent, since you were raised as a protestant. Protestant churches have created a brand of watered down Christianity that has nothing at all to do with Christ. I read somewhere that the head of the church of england is an atheist. Too bad. These groups make real Christians look stupid and perpetuate the stereotype that you hate and are rebelling against.

    I can understand if you say that you’re a nonbeliever, but what’s up with the satanic imagery? My impression isn’t that you’re a nonbeliever, my impression is that you’re a satanic freak and potentially dangerous, especially with your rants about murdering people and encouraging suicide among those that you despise.

    May Christ be with you and free you of the hate and anger that those around you have instilled in you (both those that purport to love Christ and those that hate Him). I pray for you Tim.

  3. timmccready Says:

    Boringgg… Why are you reading my blog?

    Let me explain… This blog was created for me to express the way I’m feeling, to show what I see, or whatever I feel like doing, no matter how retarded it is. I do this for me, and I’m going to keep doing that, whether you or anyone else likes or relates to it or not. I feel compelled to do so, and that’s how it is.

    My family knows about and reads this blog. If there was anybody in the world that I would be worried about offending, it would be them. Since I feel comfortable saying whatever I say here in front of them, I’m sure you can understand that I don’t care whether you like or agree with what I say or not. I have no idea who you are, and you can, or can’t go fuck yourself. I don’t care.

    If you want to engage me with your comments, instead of trying to “give me something to think about” I might respond without telling you to kill yourself. Don’t lay these bullshit judgments on me like you’re an authority on anything. Your entire attitude offends me. If you had a blog, I wouldn’t read it, based on what you’ve said to me so far. I’m busy, and I wouldn’t think about you, because my mind is engaged in other places.

    PS. I like you how rate your own comments 5 stars and rate my response to you 1 star. haha.

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