Like Eating Glass

I’m heading to Europe for 4 weeks next week, exactly coinciding with my EI claim ending. Perfect timing. Hire me to do stuff when I get back! I have many talents, resources and lots of experience in the field of making ideas happen in real life.

I’ve been inspired by this book New Glass by Otto B. Rigan, so I’m going to design and create some stained glass installations for 159 Manning this fall.

Adrienne just returned from a 5 day vacation in Los Angeles and took this picture for me while she was there.

Making a fortune teller vending machine is another major project for the next year I’m excited about. I’m planning a series of 5 different fortune tellers and will sell 4 of them when they’re finished.

I like when people send me snail mail. I live at 159 Manning, and everyone knows that, so if you ever get the urge to mail me something, do it (as long as it’s not a bomb or a turd in a box)!

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  1. Kicking Ass At Stained Glass « Alexander McCready Says:

    […] hanging with human-garbage-drug-addicts is “out” It was almost a year ago that I was first inspired to make a stained glass centerpiece for the front window at 159 Manning. Last night was my 2nd of 5 introductory stained glass classes, […]

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