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The Art Collection of Nick Bechard

June 30, 2010

Nick brought home the newest addition to his art collection this afternoon, painted by a homeless man at the Salvation Army shelter he works at.

It joins the centerpiece of his collection, Portrait of Nicholas David Bechard Sr.

European Tour Round-up

June 28, 2010

Here’s some more pics from the Mohawk Lodge / Eamon McGrath European tour!

Before the rest of the band pics, I want to make a few special shout-outs to Shain Shapiro at CIMA in the UK…

…and to Sven Gielen and Tim Schreurs at Combo Agency in Peer, BE, for all their help and assistance in making the tour a reality, and a success. You guys rule!

I thanked Ryder more than once while we were in Europe, for bringing me along to take photos, shoot video, and play bass in Mohawk Lodge. 26 shows in 28 days, across 6 countries, driving the van ourselves with no tour manager or driver! A 4-week break like this from my life is exactly what I needed, just to get some distance and perspective. I feel like a new man! I’m happy (even if I appear to be blankly staring into space when you see me)!

Our tour-drummer Rob Josephson (and studio drummer for both Mohawk Lodge “Crimes” and Eamon McGrath “Peacemaker” albums) flew back to Vancouver the day after the 159 Manning BBQ. He kept his straight-edge, and was sober and vegetarian for the entire tour. I am impressed! Rob, it was good times hanging out with you and playing with you!

The Mohawk Lodge have another month of shows in Ontario and Quebec ahead of us! Danny Miles from the Job is taking over on drums.

In early August Ryder, Eamon and Peter will fly out to Vancouver to play some shows with the West-Coast Chapter of Mohawk Lodge! I will remain here in Toronto continuing some projects where they were left off before tour, and focusing on new projects.

We’re playing this Thursday, July 1st (Canada Day) at the Dakota Tavern here in Toronto. Come out and celebrate with us!

The Mohawk Lodge and Eamon McGrath Tour Dates.

01 Jul – Toronto, ON @ the Dakota “Crimes” CD Release Party!
02 Jul – London, ON @ East Village Arts Co-op
07 Jul – Toronto, ON @ the Dakota “White Whale Wednesdays”
10 Jul – Ottawa, ON @ Ottawa Bluesfest
14 Jul – Toronto, ON @ the Dakota “White Whale Wednesdays” w/ Snailhouse
16 Jul – Hamilton, ON @ This Ain’t Hollywood w/ Wax Mannequin
17 Jul – Windsor, ON @ The Phog w/ Wax Mannequin
21 Jul – Toronto, ON @ the Dakota “White Whale Wednesdays”
23 Jul – Montreal, QC @ Divan Orange w/
28 Jul – Toronto, ON @ the Dakota “White Whale Wednesdays”

Aug 20 – Vancouver, BC @ The Biltmore
Aug 21 – Victoria, BC @ TBC
Aug 27 – Calgary, AB @ Broken City w/ Dojo Workhorse
Aug 28 – Edmonton, AB @ Likwid w/ Dojo Workhorse

OCT 15 – 30: JAPAN (email us if you can help! infoatwhitewhaledotca)

A Crime of Passion

June 24, 2010

The new Mohawk Lodge album “Crimes” came out in stores on Tuesday. It’s already gotten some good reviews and coverage on, MVRemix, and Exclaim!.

Ryder released the video for the title track “A Crime of Passion” on Tuesday as well. If you haven’t read the most recent Mohawk Lodge bio, the album is about the end of a 3-year relationship, which culminated in Ryder finding a friend of his in bed with his girlfriend and punching him out (a CRIME of PASSION, get it?), except in the video Ryder finds HIMSELF in bed with his girlfriend and punches himself out and then runs through the streets covered in blood, and then sets himself on fire. HOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I’ll bet you didn’t see that one coming!

He’s been spending the past few months, leading up to the European tour we just did, making videos for each song on the album which will be individually released on a monthly basis for the next year.

I’m about to head out for Wakefield Quebec, we’re playing at the Black Sheep Inn tonight (Thursday, June 24th), and the Mansion in Kingston ON tomorrow night (Friday, June 25th).

Everybody Loves Violent Soho

June 22, 2010

One of things I love about having bands like Bad Tits, Violent Soho, Quest for Fire or Red Mass in my living room is that at most only 30 or 40 people can people can see the show, crammed into my dining room and hallway. These bands all fill bigger venues on a regular basis, but I only have bands play there twice a year, and I’d like to think the reason I’m able to get such great bands because it’s always a positive and memorable experience for both the bands and the audience.

My pals at the Musebox introduced me to Violent Soho to have them play my BBQ. They hung out all day, watched all the bands, and put on an amazing show. called Violent Soho their Best Stumbled Upon Experience of NXNE. Graeme Phillips posted a video of them playing from the perspective of the doorway.

I had a “moment” when I was shooting this video, sitting on my couch, in my living room. I calmly thought to myself, “this is pretty awesome.”

I thought the same thing on NYE.

Satisfaction is the Death of Desire

June 21, 2010

Friday’s BBQ was a complete success! Thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed themselves. A lot of people came up to me raving about what a good time they were having and how everybody at the party were all being so nice to each other. I was really excited about the entire line-up of bands, and I think they all received great responses from the crowd, like they deserve. Ivy Lovell gave the BBQ a great review on BlogTO! Emily Lorimer posted more party pics here!

I couldn’t be happier with how things turned out, and the personal response I got from people individually through the day and evening makes all the work and preparation to put an event like this together worth it.

159 Manning BBQ 2010 Official Poster

June 16, 2010

I hope everyone who comes to this party remembers it (in a good way) for the next 10 years. The poster is a collaboration between James Mejia and I.

Set times are approximate.

2:30pm – Nyles M (3 piece featuring Nyles and Danny from the Job)
4pm – xxxxxxx (secret HDD artists to be announced on June 17th)
5pm – Violent Soho (from Australia, on Thurston Moore´s label Ecstatic Peace)
8pm – Mohawk Lodge (White Whale Records)

3:15pm – Eamon McGrath (from Edmonton, insane blues/rock/punk)
6pm – Deloro (featuring many Blue Fog musicians)
7pm – Fields of Fur (Brian from Holy Fuck and Anna from Foxfire)
9pm – the Roncey Boys (Ragtime Dandy Piano Rock)
10pm – Rich Aucoin (amazing mind blowing electronic dance rock happiness)

+ records spinning in the backyard between bands by Scott Cudmore!!

As a SPECIAL BONUS, the new TV CARNAGE masterpiece LET´S WORK IT OUT will be screening ALL DAY upstairs in my bedroom on my 52″ big screen TV!!