159 Manning BBQ 2010 Official Poster

I hope everyone who comes to this party remembers it (in a good way) for the next 10 years. The poster is a collaboration between James Mejia and I.

Set times are approximate.

2:30pm – Nyles M (3 piece featuring Nyles and Danny from the Job)
4pm – xxxxxxx (secret HDD artists to be announced on June 17th)
5pm – Violent Soho (from Australia, on Thurston Moore´s label Ecstatic Peace)
8pm – Mohawk Lodge (White Whale Records)

3:15pm – Eamon McGrath (from Edmonton, insane blues/rock/punk)
6pm – Deloro (featuring many Blue Fog musicians)
7pm – Fields of Fur (Brian from Holy Fuck and Anna from Foxfire)
9pm – the Roncey Boys (Ragtime Dandy Piano Rock)
10pm – Rich Aucoin (amazing mind blowing electronic dance rock happiness)

+ records spinning in the backyard between bands by Scott Cudmore!!

As a SPECIAL BONUS, the new TV CARNAGE masterpiece LET´S WORK IT OUT will be screening ALL DAY upstairs in my bedroom on my 52″ big screen TV!!

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