Satisfaction is the Death of Desire

Friday’s BBQ was a complete success! Thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed themselves. A lot of people came up to me raving about what a good time they were having and how everybody at the party were all being so nice to each other. I was really excited about the entire line-up of bands, and I think they all received great responses from the crowd, like they deserve. Ivy Lovell gave the BBQ a great review on BlogTO! Emily Lorimer posted more party pics here!

I couldn’t be happier with how things turned out, and the personal response I got from people individually through the day and evening makes all the work and preparation to put an event like this together worth it.

One Response to “Satisfaction is the Death of Desire”

  1. NYE 2011 @ 159 Manning « Tim McCready Says:

    […] after Parts & Labour closes shop that night. It’s going to look like this picture of Gabe djing at the BBQ last June except it’ll be a night, and there will be a giant tent over everyones […]

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