Everybody Loves Violent Soho

One of things I love about having bands like Bad Tits, Violent Soho, Quest for Fire or Red Mass in my living room is that at most only 30 or 40 people can people can see the show, crammed into my dining room and hallway. These bands all fill bigger venues on a regular basis, but I only have bands play there twice a year, and I’d like to think the reason I’m able to get such great bands because it’s always a positive and memorable experience for both the bands and the audience.

My pals at the Musebox introduced me to Violent Soho to have them play my BBQ. They hung out all day, watched all the bands, and put on an amazing show. Resonancity.com called Violent Soho their Best Stumbled Upon Experience of NXNE. Graeme Phillips posted a video of them playing from the perspective of the doorway.

I had a “moment” when I was shooting this video, sitting on my couch, in my living room. I calmly thought to myself, “this is pretty awesome.”

I thought the same thing on NYE.

One Response to “Everybody Loves Violent Soho”

  1. wallernotweller Says:

    http://bit.ly/bctCJA sounds like the best show ever you lucky pup!

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