A Crime of Passion

The new Mohawk Lodge album “Crimes” came out in stores on Tuesday. It’s already gotten some good reviews and coverage on HeroHill.com, MVRemix, and Exclaim!.

Ryder released the video for the title track “A Crime of Passion” on Tuesday as well. If you haven’t read the most recent Mohawk Lodge bio, the album is about the end of a 3-year relationship, which culminated in Ryder finding a friend of his in bed with his girlfriend and punching him out (a CRIME of PASSION, get it?), except in the video Ryder finds HIMSELF in bed with his girlfriend and punches himself out and then runs through the streets covered in blood, and then sets himself on fire. HOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I’ll bet you didn’t see that one coming!

He’s been spending the past few months, leading up to the European tour we just did, making videos for each song on the album which will be individually released on a monthly basis for the next year.

I’m about to head out for Wakefield Quebec, we’re playing at the Black Sheep Inn tonight (Thursday, June 24th), and the Mansion in Kingston ON tomorrow night (Friday, June 25th).

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