Built For Speed

I finished reading Speed-Speed-Speedfreak by Mick Farren this morning, an amazing new book about the cultural history of Amphetamines!

Dexedrine has had a major affect on my life the past few years, but it’s surprising to me how big of a role it’s played in military operations, many genre-defining musical acts, and hi-profile religious cults of the past century!

There’s a passage on page 83 talking about drug culture hierarchy in the 60’s how speed freaks “had a reputation for not eating or sleeping, fucking for hours or not at all, talking incessantly, concocting elaborate conspiracy theories, making weird notes or drawings, exhibiting multiple obsessive-compulsive symptoms, and increasingly verging on the psychotic” which is how I’ve been acting since I was a small child, long long before I’d ever consumed alcohol, recreational drugs, or gotten my first Dexedrine prescription. It’s only been the past few years that I’ve been better able to communicate, to construct and express some sort of structure or overall conceptualization/visualization to what it is I see, that other people can understand.

2 Responses to “Built For Speed”

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    […] busy working a tight schedule, then smoking a joint at night takes the edge off the effects of my dexedrine and adderall prescriptions and usually gives me great ideas, but when I’m working from home it doesn’t do me any […]

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