Demolition Man

Over the past 3 months I’ve had so many people ask me where VICE’s Toronto office has moved to, I’ve given up explaining that I don’t work there anymore and just tell them; Queen and Dufferin.

That’s where I spent this morning and afternoon, ripping out 3 walls and a closet (including removing electrical sockets and switches), to make way for the new VICE Toronto office.

I regret not doing a better job documenting more of the the process building, construction and renovation I’ve done around 159 Manning this year. I’ve posted some pictures of the final results, but not the work itself being done, and people always seem surprised to learn I’m an experienced carpenter, electrician and plumber. It is true, and I am available for quotes and estimates.

Feral Cell have our first practice re-scheduled for Wednesday night. I’ll be playing drums. Our show on August 24th will be my first time playing drums in front of an audience since 1999!

The above picture is me playing for my old Evangelical-Christian-Hate-Core band Moral Outrage in 1998.

This second picture is me playing in my room in my parents basement at 727 Kildare Road in Windsor. I’ve still got the same drum set, bass amp and reel-to-reel player! I no longer have the Cramps poster or the plastic Owl.

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