65 Cruiselines

I went to see Buck 65 perform at the Drake last night at 7pm. I’ve photographed him twice before, but never seen him perform live. I was impressed, it’s a well rounded engaging performance! At one point he did an open call to see if anyone in the audience knew any of his songs by heart, and this guy Casper volunteered and came up and rapped Wicked and Weird in it’s entirety. It was “cute” to watch. It must be satisfying as an artist to have a fan love your song that much that they can rap it word-for-word, and it must be fun as a fan to rap a song you love back to the guy who wrote it.

Rich was wearing a sailor/captains hat last night. I didn’t realize until looking at the photo this morning, but his whole outfit was very “cruise-ship-uniform” and the interior of the Drake looks like a cruise ship lounge. That could be a funny reality TV show, Buck 65 as a cruise ship host MC around the Caribbean.

BTW, I was walking along Lakeshore Blvd last week and saw this ship the Island Princess, which was the name of one of the ships I worked on for Princess Cruises in 2004. This one probably holds 50 passengers and the one I worked on carries 2000 passengers and 1000 crew members.

I took some photos of my office yesterday afternoon. I moved a bunch of my recording gear to the studio in the basement so there’s a lot more desk space now.

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