Finished Basement Studio

Nyles and I went gangbusters on the live-room in our studio this week. We took down the wood paneling that was on the ceiling, filled it with Safe ‘n’ Sound insulation, covered it with a vapor barrier and have started putting up drywall. We took out a wall, moved the doorway, and insulated under the stairs. We tested the our sound-proofing job with a snare drum. It was audible on the main floor, but in the upstairs bedrooms it was almost silent. Quiet enough I could sleep through it.



We’ll finish up next week, and have our first recording session, 2 songs with the City Sweethearts, booked for Tuesday, August 31st.

I’ve started doing sound at the Shop under Parts & Labour. Last night was the Radical Smashers, Pony De Look and the Sphinxs! It’s fun working at shows I’d go to anyways.

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    […] since I’ve lived at 159 Manning (it’s been 6 years!). We’ve come a long way since insulating the ceiling 3 months ago. Nyles recorded some new songs yesterday. This one is called “New Pants” You […]

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