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September 27, 2010

Friday’s performance of “In C” by the 159 Manning Orchestra was amazing! Thanks to all the musicians who played, thanks to everyone who attended for coming! Feedback from everyone has been overwhelmingly positive. Nina Sudra said she’s listened to the original Terry Riley record over 20 times (meaning she knows it well), and that our performance of it was great!

You can download an mp3 of Friday’s performance by clicking HERE! Thanks to Emily Lorimer for shooting Friday night’s footage.

Saturday’s performance was a bit smaller, and we played in the basement instead of the backyard because we were worried it might rain, but it still went really well.

Thanks to Catherine Stockhausen for shooting Saturday afternoon’s footage.

Saturday evening I did sound at Parts & Labour for the Ell V Gore, Sphinx, and Mark Sultan show.

Sunday morning I was at the John Bassett Theatre by 8am for a 4 hour shift running XLR cables, and then went to the Industry Films office afterwards to mount 41-inch flat screen tv’s in both of their boardrooms.

I stopped at Moog Audio on the way home and bought some records.

It was an amazing weekend, and I’m glad it’s over!

I’ve been soldering a lot of cables lately.

159 Manning In C Rehearsal

September 24, 2010

Tonight is the night! If you’re in the backyard of 159 Manning at 8:30 tonight you’ll see 20 musicians playing Terry Riley’s In C. Featuring members of Feral Cell, Teenanger, DCT, Deutchbanks, Little Girls,the Sphinx, the Roncey Boys, the Job and more!!

Here’s an excerpt from our Wednesday night rehearsal.

There will be a second performance at 4pm on Saturday afternoon (Sept 25th).

Don’t Leave Home Without It

September 22, 2010

I was out at the American Express Building in Markham at 8am yesterday morning to help construct a set for a corporate event. The building looks like the future from the 70’s.

It was a giant stage with video projectors on either side, and a bunch of lights etc… I think it was for some sort of motivational speaking/team building type of exercise. It made me think of Tom Cruise’s character in Magnolia.

I found 2 chairs like this last week. There was broken wicker on the back-rest so I just cut out the wicker. Maybe I’ll replace the wicker with something else, maybe I won’t.

There is a rehearsal at 7:30pm tonight at 159 Manning for this weekends performances of Terry Riley’s “In C”. Click here to download a pdf of the score and instructions.. There will be a second here rehearsal tomorrow 7:30pm for musicians who weren’t able to attend today’s rehearsal, or the musicians coming tonight who’d like to rehearse a second time.

Fridays’s performance will be in the backyard of 159 Manning at 8:30pm. Garage doors open at 8, event is finished at 10pm. FREE

Saturday’s performance will also happen at 159 Manning at 4pm. Garage door opens at 3:30, event is finished at 6pm. FREE

If it rains, we’ll play in the house.

Memoire of a Geisha

September 20, 2010

I was hired to take photos on Saturday night at AME Cuisine, located at 17 Mercer Street.

DJ Dave Visan of Buddha Bar fame was spinning so it was a packed house all night!

My crystal ball tells me there will be more event photography in my very near future…

It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World

September 16, 2010

Mark Sultan came over this afternoon to record vocals for some covers of old movie soundtrack songs he’s been working on.

He did 4 songs in 2 hours! The man’s a vocal-recordin’-maniac!

Here’s a video of Mark performing in the dining room/library here at 159 Manning back in April 2009.

Seasons Changin’

September 15, 2010

Nyles finished mixing all 3 brand-new City Sweethearts songs he recorded for them here last week. Here’s one of the tracks!

City Sweethearts – Seasons Changin’

I’m moving full steam ahead on this performance of In C that I have planned for next Friday, September 24th here at 159 Manning. If you are a musician and would like to participate please hit me up in the next few days. There will be 1 or 2 short dress rehearsals next week.

By special request, here’s another Feral Cell song from our set last month. I’ve heard rumors of a future Feral Cell 7″. RUMORS!