Back to School 2010

It’s the first day of the new school year! Nyles and I are stepping out with our best feet forward and spending today recording the City Sweethearts new 7″! It’s our first gig in the brand new 159 Manning Recording Studio.

Chris Cheeseman moved into 159 Manning on Sunday afternoon. I decided to paint it white on Saturday afternoon to brighten the place up. The walls and ceiling were dark forest green before which made it seem a lot more cave-like than it needs to be.

I did a bunch of stuff on Saturday night, but didn’t take any pictures. It would have made for good photo ops and a good story, but sometimes I like to save things for myself and the people were there. I recuperated on Sunday and Monday nights by staying in to watch Dallas Season 1.

I’d never seen Dallas before, but I am really into the costume and set design!

Side note: re-reading this post it reminds me of this photo i took almost 2 years ago of the Bang-Bangs. Starting at the top moving clockwise, I saw Sian on Saturday night and cried on her shoulder, Taras is here today playing drums for City Sweethearts, I’m next in the picture, then Cheeseman who just moved in here this weekend, and then there’s Ted.

What happened to Ted?

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