Don’t Leave Home Without It

I was out at the American Express Building in Markham at 8am yesterday morning to help construct a set for a corporate event. The building looks like the future from the 70’s.

It was a giant stage with video projectors on either side, and a bunch of lights etc… I think it was for some sort of motivational speaking/team building type of exercise. It made me think of Tom Cruise’s character in Magnolia.

I found 2 chairs like this last week. There was broken wicker on the back-rest so I just cut out the wicker. Maybe I’ll replace the wicker with something else, maybe I won’t.

There is a rehearsal at 7:30pm tonight at 159 Manning for this weekends performances of Terry Riley’s “In C”. Click here to download a pdf of the score and instructions.. There will be a second here rehearsal tomorrow 7:30pm for musicians who weren’t able to attend today’s rehearsal, or the musicians coming tonight who’d like to rehearse a second time.

Fridays’s performance will be in the backyard of 159 Manning at 8:30pm. Garage doors open at 8, event is finished at 10pm. FREE

Saturday’s performance will also happen at 159 Manning at 4pm. Garage door opens at 3:30, event is finished at 6pm. FREE

If it rains, we’ll play in the house.

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