Friday’s performance of “In C” by the 159 Manning Orchestra was amazing! Thanks to all the musicians who played, thanks to everyone who attended for coming! Feedback from everyone has been overwhelmingly positive. Nina Sudra said she’s listened to the original Terry Riley record over 20 times (meaning she knows it well), and that our performance of it was great!

You can download an mp3 of Friday’s performance by clicking HERE! Thanks to Emily Lorimer for shooting Friday night’s footage.

Saturday’s performance was a bit smaller, and we played in the basement instead of the backyard because we were worried it might rain, but it still went really well.

Thanks to Catherine Stockhausen for shooting Saturday afternoon’s footage.

Saturday evening I did sound at Parts & Labour for the Ell V Gore, Sphinx, and Mark Sultan show.

Sunday morning I was at the John Bassett Theatre by 8am for a 4 hour shift running XLR cables, and then went to the Industry Films office afterwards to mount 41-inch flat screen tv’s in both of their boardrooms.

I stopped at Moog Audio on the way home and bought some records.

It was an amazing weekend, and I’m glad it’s over!

I’ve been soldering a lot of cables lately.

2 Responses to “Performance”

  1. Dave Says:

    Is it just my computer or does the link to download the audio mp3 of In C not work?

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