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Birthday Kleenex

October 19, 2010

I turn 32 years old today! I just got this package in the mail: a free sample pack of Kleenex that Nick ordered for me online. Best birthday gift EVER!!!

Chris Cheeseman organized an end of tour show for Meisha and the Spanks in the basement of 159 Manning early Saturday evening.

After the Meisha performance I went to Parts & Labour to do sound for the Cerebral Ballzy / Fog of Leprosy / Fatality show. Somebody punched Alen in the mosh-pit and now he’s got a black eye. That’s why I never mosh anymore.

Steak, Onions and Tom Green’s back

October 16, 2010


October 13, 2010

I’ve made some minor changes in my upstairs office at 159 Manning. I’ll soon be replacing the desk on the right with an oak table I found on the street.

I installed a window frame between the control room and vocal room of the recording studio. I’m installing 3 clear plexiglass panes tomorow.

The window means there’s a sightline clear from one end of the studio to the other as long as the vocal room door is open.

I also moved all my music books downstairs.

Greg Ipp, someone named Emma and I are all turning a year older this Tuesday, October 19th, so we’re having a 3-way birthday party at Unlovable that night. It’ll also be Tom Petty’s birthday that day! Scott Cudmore is djing!

Tim McCready – Halloween (acoustic Misfits cover)


October 6, 2010

I worked so much last weekend! I worked so much I haven’t had time to blog about it until now! Thursday evening I started off taking photos for a Warner Home Entertainment event at 99 Sudbury promoting their fall and Christmas releases to retail buyers and press so it was a combination of horror, hockey, and Christmas movies! And Inception! I still haven’t seen Inception yet, but I’ve heard nothing but good things.

Santa Claus and Satan’s Claws! Santa and I were going for the same look that night.

Friday morning I was up at 5am to take the TTC out to the Toronto Congress Centre to help set up a giant stage and 2 screens for a Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacists Banquet. The good news is, it was catered!

Later that evening I headed to the Royal Conservatory of music to work on a Nuit Blanche installation, which is where I spent the following 2 days working. I’m getting exhausted typing this out so I’m going to finish writing this post later.

DCT @ 159

October 4, 2010

DCT are recording here at 159 Manning today. It’s our first session using our half inch 8-track tape machine, and our snazzy new telephone-microphone.

Taken By Surprise

October 3, 2010

Alyssa Faoro took some pictures of me in the backyard of 159 Manning before I went to work, late Thursday afternoon.

Tim McCready – Taken By Surprise (acoustic Poison Idea cover)