Haunted House 2010 aka “DCTMPUYRTI”

So much has happened in the past 2 weeks. I threw a 2-night haunted house party at 159 Manning this past weekend with Steve Rock! He planned the haunted house, I put together the music performances. It was the first time I’d worked with Steve so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but he did a great job putting the Haunted House together.

I should’ve called the party “Don’t Come To My Party Unless You Read This Invite”. It was planned to be a 7pm to 11pm pre-drinking party both nights, with an 8pm musical performance. The 159Manning Orchestra played Terry Riley’s In C on Friday, the 159Manning Choir sang from the Sacred Harp songbook on Saturday. I bought 2 kegs for each night (total of 4 kegs), and figured the kegs would run out by 10pm and people would go somewhere else. Friday night was great except that it was a bit under-attended, and Saturday was a huge success except that the big rush came at midnight and everyone wanted to know why there wasn’t any keg beer left.

WHATEVER! That’s enough complaining for me today, thanks to everyone who came and had a good time. Special thanks to Cheeseman, Bechard, Nyles, Dennis, Jayme and all the musicians and singers who helped make the party the success that it was! I’m looking forward to the New Years Eve party here on Dec 31st!

I did some product photography for Fred Perry’s new winter clothes last week. I want this blue sweater. I tried it on and it’s a perfect fit and makes me look like a fisherman.

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