In My Room

I’ve ordered the score for Music For 18 Musicians from and it’s already shipped! Hopefully it’ll arrive this week. The 159 Manning Sacred Harp Choir has a gig at Function 13 in Kensington Market on Dec 4th (and possibly Dec 10th).

I had a jam with Jon Schouten and Jeremy on Friday night, it was the first time Jeremy had played drums with anyone in 6 years! We’re going to jam again this week.

I’ve reorganized my bedroom, removed a desk I built 5 years ago and brought in my drafting table. I’m going to paint the room white next week, and begin spending at least 10 minutes a day drawing.

The back wall of the bedroom will still be filled with records and books, but the rest of the room will be as empty as possible. Between my office, the recording studio in the basement, the living room, the dining room/library and toolshed, I have other places to keep everything. My bedroom will soon be my oasis retreat from the sensory overload that is 159 Manning.

I bought a Ganesh statue for $10 this morning. Jess Way talked the guy down from $12.99 to $10 since the statue is broken.

I’ve been working on an article for theWA magazine about my experience over the past few years with Dexedrine aka “Smith Klein and French E19”. Almost done!

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