Shot With Kern

I shot a music video with Richard Kern for Dentata on Thursday December 9th at STUDIO Gallery. Kevin Hegge wrote a story about Kern/Dentata for NOW Magazine.

I first met Richard when I was shooting him for Fashion Television back in May, and he called me a couple of weeks ago to have me help him with the Dentata video.

He said he’d checked out my blog (the one you’re reading right now), and was really nice to me the whole day! It almost felt like we’re buddies. I hope I get to hang out with him again.

Below is one of his earliest music videos (from 1985) Sonic Youth – Death Valley ’69.

The WA issue 5.1 with my article about my experience with Dexedrine over the past few years is available for download!

The 159 Manning Sacred Harp Choir sang at the opening party for Ryan Halpenny’s Poster Show at Function13 on Saturday Dec 4th, as well as the closing party on Friday Dec 10th. I think it’s “neat” that we were the only musical act to perform at both the opening and closing parties.

I rarely get nervous, but I felt a few butterflies before we sang on Friday. I was okay with us being a bit sloppy the first couple times we sang in front of people since I was happy that it was happening at all, but now that it’s been a couple of months I think people should expect more of us, because this choir ain’t no joke.

We’re even listed in the Toronto Shape Note Singing newsletter!

We’ll be meeting at Bloor Street United (300 Bloor Street West) this Wednesday from 7:30 to 9:30, then meeting at 159 Manning again from 7 to 9 the following Wednesday, Dec 22nd. The response to the singings here have been so positive that we’re going to continue into 2011.

I shot this video of the Creaking Tree String Quartet on the Dundas streetcar with Graeme Phillips a few weeks ago. I ran into Graeme at Dundas West Station after I’d returned a rental van. He handed me one of his cameras, and we managed to capture a few of songs before we reached my stop.

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