The tent is up! New Years Eve is my Christmas and I am so excited about how it’s coming together!

Angela Holmes (aka hardcoresnaps), Antonella Lombardi (aka killing_girls) and I are throwing an emo night at Parts & Labour on Thursday January 6th, called Met You On Livejournal.

It’s funny, because we really did meet on livejournal! I made most of my archives more than 4 years old “private entry” awhile back, but you can click here to read my first livejournal post, from March 5th 2001. OMG, that means I’ve been blogging for 10 years as of March 5th 2011!

Click here for the official facebook event.

I’ve been working on a demolition job by myself this week, taking out a ceiling and some sinks in a retail space. As I’ve been pulling insulation into my face and inhaling drywall dust and dirt, I keep trying to remember how and why I came to agree to this situation. Why didn’t the word “no” ever pass my lips? …Ah well, money’s money. Doing unpleasant work keeps me tough.

This is my demolition playlist, which is different than my emo playlist will be.

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