No Representation Without Taxation

Dear everyone,

I’m on a break from life because I can’t swallow anymore of your fucking bullshit and I want to projectile vomit it all over your ugly selfish face. Stop calling to ask if you can “borrow” whatever, and no I don’t want to do you a favor. I’m not a “nice guy”; I have my own motivations and personal rewards systems, but I actually can’t stand you anymore because there’s nothing left for me to like or respect about you. Don’t reach out, or be in touch. My hate for you is unquenchable because I can’t help but remember the details. It’s part of whatever syndrome it is that I have.

I’ve decided to paint the entire interior of the house white. I’m almost finished painting my bedroom and the kitchen.

2 Responses to “No Representation Without Taxation”

  1. becca lemire Says:

    Holy shit! this is the best thing ever. I wanna write it on a white T-Shirt.

  2. becca lemire Says:

    I’m being completely serious, BTW. Just stumbled upon this and I fucking love it. And really funny.

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